Friday, January 2, 2015


Eventually.  It's a concept that you always strive for but can never quite grasp.  A desire that begins innately at birth.  Eventually, I'll grow up.  Eventually, I'll finish school.  Eventually, I'll get married, have kids, buy a house.  Eventually....

It could be synonymous with discontentment.  An urge to fast forward to real purpose, real meaning.  Let's skip the boring parts and get to real living.  Eventually, I'll get that promotion.  Someday, I'll be happy.  Eventually I'll get my health back on track.  Someday...  Eventually....  Will we ever really live?  Can we live into our eventually?

This is a blog that follows our journey of living into our Eventually.  It's our journey of our family's desire to move overseas and do something meaningful in God's Kingdom.  It's been a longer journey than we expected, and we aren't there yet.  Actually, we'll never quite be "there".  That's what this blog is about.  We will always have those "Eventually's", but our desire is to live purposefully where God has placed us now always looking forward to what He is going to do.  We want to live "into" our eventually not "for" our eventually.

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