Saturday, February 7, 2015

How Did I Get Here?

DSCN0248As I groggily open my eyes each morning to the view of a mosquito net overhead, I hear a cow mooing in the distance and chickens chattering.  Motorbikes drive by regularly often to go up to the local Buddhist Monastery with it's newly dedicated Buddha.  Chants and music often make their way down the hill via loudspeakers.

Slowly I wake up and after remembering where I am, I send up a quick prayer for the day.  I stumble out of bed and make my way to my bathroom.  It's just a room with a squatty potty really.  I make do with this new way of relieving myself and "flush" the hole by pouring a bucket of water down it.  Later, I'll make my way from our temporary guest home to our host family's house for a shower.

Some things are familiar though.  I have my coffee.  Phil is as much an aficionado as ever and has already sourced good beans here in Thailand, but I'm lazy and have succumbed to buying the local Birdy 3in1 instant coffee to get my quick fix.  I boil water in my electric kettle and "brew" my coffee in my "Seattle Memories" mug.

A step outside my front door reveals a tropical landscape.  The flora and fauna have their own SE Asian flavor distinctly different from my home in Seattle.  It is incredibly beautiful although occasionally offset by the haze given off by the neighbors burning their trash.  However, this makes the sunsets here amazing!  The sun is the deepest orange I've ever seen.

How did I get here?  Sometimes I feel like I'm looking out of eyes from someone else's body.  As we continue to live in transition, it is hard to figure out who I am in this strange new land.  Not just in the role that I will eventually play, but also in the day-to-day living.  I know it will come.  I'm not concerned, but it remains a peculiar ritual to try to actually come to believe that this is the place that I now live and not where I'm just passing through.



  1. Miss you friend! I love getting a small glimpse into your daily life. Praying for you guys!

  2. Hey friend! Oh how I miss you! What an adventure! Your words resonate from my months in Cameroon......

  3. Thanks friends! I miss you too!