Friday, May 22, 2015

Living into the Future

Skype is amazing.  On a regular basis, we can talk face-to-face with our friends and families who are scattered around the United States and other places in Asia.  Because of timezone differences, it usually works best for me to get on in the morning so that my parents or brothers in the States can talk to me in their evening.  Since we are 12-15 hours ahead (depending on timezone and daylight savings), if I call on a Monday morning, it is still Sunday night for them.  I often like to tease that the future forecast for them is looking good since I'm already there.  =)  I'm a Skype-time-traveler!  My parents, of course, ask me how the stock market is going to close the following day.

Our motorbike registration
It's true... I just might be overdoing my time-travelling prowess with being only 12 to 15 hours ahead, but what if I was 544 years ahead?  Wouldn't that be a bit more sensational?  Well, apparently, we are now more than three weeks in to year 2559 here in Thailand.  Although you will still see 2015 used around town, a lot of things are dated using the Thai Buddhist calendar.  Just like we start counting our years from the birth of Jesus, the Thais and other surrounding countries that use the Buddhist calendar begin their dating system from Guatama Buddha's death.

So, we are learning to work with two different calendars.  We find that many of our official documents and registrations use the Buddhist calendar including things like our car registration and work permits.  Meanwhile, we get to live 544 years in the future!

And finally for you Trekkies out there, that puts us somewhere in Season 1 of the original Star Trek Series.  You're Welcome!

As a consolation prize to those of you who follow the Gregorian calendar, be content with knowing that you've finally made it to the year that Marty McFly went into the future.

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  1. I'm still waiting for someone to make me a hoverboard