Friday, May 15, 2015

Living into Thai Culture - A Peek into April 2015

We made up for our relatively quiet March with a lively April.  Here is a peek of some of the things we got to do this last month.

We moved into our new house on April 1st.  I've already talked about this a bit in my house tour.


Easter was really different for us this year.  We had no family around, no special Easter services, no egg hunts.  In fact, with our move happening just a few days before, I didn't even think about Easter baskets (although I did manage to find some candy as a special treat for that morning).  We had a special breakfast of french toast, and then we headed over to the border.  


We wanted to show the boys why we are here in Thailand, and pray over the people that are crossing the river to try to make better lives for themselves.


We saw people's homes that exist in No Man's Land (the section between Thailand and Burma), and discussed what it might be like to live there.

Then we went to the house church here in Mae Sot, and ended up at the Burmese Sunday market for street food for our Easter Feast.  Definitely a different holiday for sure, but good.

Easter feast
Blurry photo, but it was yummy!

The following week was our three-month-iversary in Thailand which meant we needed to go in for our visa renewal.  We are currently working on getting a one-year visa, but in the meantime, we need to continue to get three-month renewals until the longer visa requirements are satisfied.  Unfortunately, immigration put us through the paces, and it was a long, drawn-out day with them continuing to ask for more and more copies of every document that we had.  Thankfully, we walked away with a new stamp in our passport allowing us to stay longer in country.

As a reward, my brother-in-law, Dan, arrived that evening to visit us.  He was able to stay for three weeks, and it was really great to have him with us.  We took him to see practically everything there is to see here in Mae Sot, and in turn helped us get out some more too.


One Thai holiday that I'd really been looking forward to is the Songkran festival that celebrates the beginning of the Buddhist New Year.  What began in centuries past as a blessing of water imparted to people by Buddhist monks has now turned into a three-day country-wide water fight.

The group getting ready to go downtown

Watch out!

Getting soaked

What I looked like at the end.  They also like to cover people in chalk

The week after that, we had Phil's parents here too.  So, we had a mini-family reunion since Dan was still around.

Me and my mom-in-law

Phil and his dad.

N and Dan

One of the outings we did with his family was going to a couple of waterfalls.  Since it is the end of dry season, they weren't huge, but it made for some fun hiking.

Can you find Z?

N showing off

The waterfall really was beautiful

The boys also went on a small man-made lake

More pictures can be found here!  

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