Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20th

It was June 20, 2007.  Having come to the realization that we would not be moving the Asia this year, we arrived in Seattle three months pregnant with N.  It was the beginning of seven wonderful years living in the Pacific Northwest.

It was June 20, 2013.  I was sitting in my car after leaving a MOPS meeting where I had been working on transferring my responsibilities to new moms.  Suffering from a headache, I had left the meeting early.  I did a quick drive-by our mailbox, and now I was sitting in my driveway looking through the mail for the day.  That's when I got the letter.  The letter which told me the home that made me feel settled and secure in Seattle for an indefinite time may be taken from me, leveled to the ground, and turned into a parking lot.

It was June 20, 2014.  We were stepping off our first international plane trip since our boys were born into Thailand.  We were in Chiang Mai visiting with different organizations that we hoped we might partner with in the future.  With all the insecurities surrounding our house, we were feeling the freedom to finally move overseas - something we'd been wanting to do since we got married.

It is June 20th, 2015.  Today.  What have I done today?
Well, I've...
  • Tasted my first durian fruit since moving here
  • Chorused with a toad living in my shower drain
  • Went to my Burmese lesson
    • on my motorbike!
  • Drove our manual transmission SUV using my left hand to shift
  • I did this while driving on the left side of the road
    • AND I didn't hit anyone!
  • Watched my kids play soccer in our soi (Thai sidestreet) with some other Burmese boys
  • Avoided doing the dishes since the water in my tap is muddy
  • Drank a latte (yes, I'm still a Seattle-ite at heart)
  • Rearranged most of the furniture in my house
  • Discovered a Burmese church service happening on my soi
  • Ate dinner at a street walking market

I also didn't get any mail.  I think we'll be here for a while.

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