Monday, September 21, 2015

July and August

It's time for a picture post!  Here's what we've been up to the last couple of months.

July found us in Chiang Mai again getting our one-year visa!  This is a huge blessing as we no longer have to be thinking about the next step in this process for another year!  We still have to do work reports every four months and residency check-ins quarterly, but those are more a matter of routine and not as disruptive to our daily living.

We had to go get some more visa photos before our trip

Even though we spent a lot of time just waiting around the immigration
office, we did manage to find a playground.

We also got our new teammates as neighbors!  They moved in to the house across the street from ours at the beginning of July.  They have kids the same ages as the boys, and we've been having a lot of fun with them.  We also went adventuring with them to the waterfall we had visited first in April.

There was a lot more water this time.

New friends!

We are still trying to find our fit here.  We've been spending a lot more time learning the language (Alisha is learning Burmese and Phil is learning Thai), but we've also had a few other things that we get to do.

Alisha helps out by delivering produce to some of the birth class graduates.  It has a double-effect of being able to help these moms get the nutrition they need while they are pregnant and nursing and also gives us a chance to check in on them in their homes to make sure that they are doing well.  Alisha has found herself a few times taking people from some of the further away villages to Mae Tao Clinic to get the help they might need.  Often kids have diseases like Dengue or pneumonia, and their parents don't know how to get to the clinic to help them.

Children's Ward
Phil's been teaching ESL to the kids in one of the villages too.  All four of us get to be around for this, and it's fun watching our kids interact with the kids in the class.

Phil teaching colors
We also hosted house church for a while.  We took a break when Alisha went back to the States, but our house is still available as a back-up for now.  We'll have to see what that looks like in the future.

The pile of shoes at our front door during church.

In August, Alisha left Phil with the boys, and travelled back to the States for her brother's wedding.  She had a great time seeing friends and family in both Seattle and Southern California.  She also got to visit both of her "home" churches: Bethany North (in Seattle) and The Crossing (San Diego).

Girls Night with friends in Seattle

Hanging out with my brothers!

My brother's wedding was beautiful!  I now have a sister, and my brother,
Nate, has married into a wonderful family.
Love you, Shannon!

My parents at the reception!  Don't they look great.  =)
We are also going to be moving into doing a quarterly prayer letter instead of every month.  If you want to get our prayer letters, please let us know in the comments or Facebook!

More pictures from July and August can be found on Flickr.

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