Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Beginnings - January and February

My monthly picture updates are now becoming my every-two-months updates.

My year began with an ingrown toenail.  I somehow managed to escape 2015 without having to go to the doctor for myself, although my last visit was 12/31/14.  I went to the local hospital here on 1/1/2016.  Hopefully, it is not a sign of things to come.  =)  My foot feels a lot better now though!

After a year of being in Mae Sot, the boys finally made it to the one and only park that they have in town.  It's called the Science and Evironmental Park and it seems to have had some interesting activities to do back maybe 10 years ago.  Now, though, many of it's stations are falling apart.  It was still fun to explore though.




The boys continue to learn a lot at home.  Phil teaches a programming class to them and another boy.  They love being little engineers.


Our biggest change this year is that Alisha is now homeschooling 8 kids in town (2 of which are N and Z).  They meet at another family's home every weekday from 8:30-12:30.  It's a great fit for Alisha, and it has been great for the boys to spend time with other kids everyday.  It's really an answer to prayer.





Because she has an actual work role now (even if it is volunteer), it is important to have a work permit to continue to be legal in Thailand.  Phil got his permit a year ago, but this is the first time Alisha has gotten hers.  She had to go to a clinic though to get a medical exam for her work permit application.  The clinic was downstairs in a parking garage.  Not exactly American standards.  =)




Ever heard of Superbowl Monday?  Well, that's what you get in Thailand.  Some of our American friends here hosted a party of sorts for those interested.  Kick-off was at 6:30AM and we feasted on a lovely brunch before heading off to school at 8:30.  We were able to find out who won after school was finished.


It seems like it is always New Year around here.  Every few months there is a different culture or religion celebrating their official start of the year.  Phil got a glimpse of the dragon parade going through downtown celebrating Chinese New Year.  The kids at the co-op were learning about China at the time, so they were excited to see the pictures of things happening right here in Mae Sot.


The homeschool co-op has been learning about a different country every week.  We've focused on Asia to begin with, and we had another week where we learned about India.  We had a field trip to a local Indian restaurant.  We were definitely entertaining with 8+ kids (siblings included).  It was really fun though.


We are enjoying going to our friends' house weekly to play with their Burmese neighbors.  The boys have made some friends, and it is fun to see them try to play even when there is a language barrier.



And this is just one of those pictures that captures some of the crazy life we have living in a small town.  These horses were roaming down the street so I had to wait for them to go by.  The red truck decided to take advantage of the fact that I was stopped in order to go the opposite way on the one-way road in order to get going the way he wanted.  (In case you are wondering, in Thailand we drive on the left side of the road.)



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  2. You are an amazing teacher! They are so lucky to have you!