Monday, May 23, 2016

April 2016

April began the hot season for Thailand in earnest.  Temperatures soared into the triple digits and didn't let up until the middle of May.  Thailand actually experienced it's longest heatwave in 65 years.  All the Thai schools take off most of March-May, so our little co-op did too.  This actually signifies the end of the school year here, but we just continued where we left off when we started back up in May.  We took advantage of the break to go visit Phil's parents in Penang, Malaysia.

Phil loves using his motorbike to get around.  Occassionally, the boys get a ride on it too!

We found a new coffee shop in Mae Sot.  It feels so modern.

The coffee shop has a little pond with swings.  It's a lot of fun.

For a little over two weeks, we were able to go visit Phil's parents in Malaysia.  They moved there just before Z was born, and we've never been to see them.

Taking the bus to the airplane.

Porch view
View from Phil's parents apartment

Family photo on Penang Hill
A bus stop

The boys are celebrities wherever we go.  These lovely women were
swimming and playing in the sand with the boys for at least an hour.


Sand Castles
We also got to make traditional Malaysian batik.  We got to see how they use the hot wax stamps, and then dye the cloth.  Later we did some free-hand wax drawing.  It was really neat, but super hot!

Putting on the wax stamps

The boys' cloths before dyeing

Mom and Dad got into the fun too
The boys thought it was pretty cool

We spent a lot of time in the pool as well.  It was cooler in Penang than in Thailand, but it was still really hot and more humid.

The pool at the apartment

Pool at the Youth Park
We got to take a few dates as well.  It was nice to have grandparents around!

The boardwalk near Georgetown
One other great thing was getting some one-year debriefing/counseling done as well.  We had a number of sessions that helped us as we prepared to go back to Thailand.


We spent out last night there getting Korean BBQ with the whole family.  It was the first time the boys had been to an all-you-can-eat-buffet, and they thought it was pretty great.
Seoul Garden

All the Hagelbergs!

Thanks Grandma and Papa for a great time at your house!  We hope to visit again at Christmas!