Wednesday, July 27, 2016

May and June 2016

It's time for an overdue update.  After our busy months of March and April, we settled back into routine with school and work for the next couple of months.  Basically, we just did our normal activities while doing our best to survive the heat.  Thankfully, rainy season has begun so we are no longer dealing with triple-digit temperatures.  Here are a few pictures...

N wearing an ice headband (compliments of our water cooler)

Getting a haircut in town.  For less than $1, the kids can be pretty stylish!

Z painting at school

Z lost his first tooth at the end of May.  In three months he's lost four teeth.

Our mango trees have been producing a ton of mangoes.  We ate about 4 a day.

The field behind our house.  We are a five minute walk from the airport
where they are currently expanding the air strip.

The boys have been enjoying their Rubix cube that their grandparents
got them in March.  Z can do it on his own.

Working on building a little clubhouse in our side yard.

In other news, I've started up my homeschool blog again.  You can get a glimpse of some of the things we are doing at school there.

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