Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 2016

Now that we aren't hiding out in our bedroom that has A/C almost all the time, we tried to get out more this last month.  We took a spontaneous waterfall trip one Sunday, and it was gorgeous.  We hadn't been to this particular waterfall for over a year, so there was a lot of new things to see.

Hagelberg boys

A little cave inlet on a short hike

Climbing around the waterfall

Salahs around the reservoir
Even though we do school with other kids during the week, we do a fair bit of unschooling at home as well.  The boys discovered my LEGO Stop Action app on my iPad so they started to make some movies.


We went to one of our favorite tea houses for breakfast one morning.


Alisha recently got LASIK surgery as her eyes were getting worse while in Thailand, and had to go back to Bangkok for a follow-up appointment.  It was also Phil's birthday, so we made an event of it.  
Our hotel room had a spiral staircase

We didn't actually go to this museum which is located in
one of the malls, but the lobby area was fun
We went to a waterpark on top of another mall in Bangkok.  Yes, on top!
The lazy river went right up to the edge of the roof

We also went to the Discovery Museum.  This place was great.  It had science exhibits inside, a reading library, a splash park, a dinosaur excavation site, and a huge playground.  And it was completely free!

Reading in the library

Our budding archeologists

Our last day in Bangkok was my doctor's appointment and trip home.  We decided to take creative routes to get where we wanted to go including a water taxi.  I'm glad we only took two backpacks total for our luggage because it was pretty crowded, but lots of fun!

N loved the water taxi

By our hotel was lots of street food.
We have to visit the roti stands whenever possible.  =)